Google Advertising Fundamentals exam covers basic aspects of online advertising with Adwords and is based on the following topics from GCP Help:

  • Introduction to Adwords
  • Account management
  • Campaign and ad group management
  • Keyword targeting
  • Language and location targeting
  • Ad formats
  • Budgets and bidding
  • Measurement and optimization
  • Performance, profitability and growth
  • Managing multiple accounts

Multiple choice exam contains approximately 90 questions. You will be given 120 minutes to answer them. Current passing score is 85%.

  1. Visit GCP Help and study.
  2. Pass the exam with flying colors! 


Start from Adwords Certification Help Center

Obviously, the first step you should take in your preparation for the exam is to go through AdWords Certification Program Learning Center material. Adwords Certification Help Center will give you enough information to pass the exam and get the qualification, however you probably won't pass Google test just by studying.

Practice the concepts

To learn Adwords you'll have to run some campaigns and test out all the concepts you're learning. You will definitely need to have some experience behind the wheel of an Adwords account. Speaking about the basic Adwords Fundamentals exam, few month of experience of running Adwords campaigns on regular basis is probably enough. Such practical experience will be much valuable to you come exam time than just plain memorization of the study material. 

You should probably read about some historical AdWords advertising elements such as Google Website Optimizer and Wonder Wheel. They are not supported anymore yet they still can appear in the exam.

Take notes

It's very important to take notes while studying. Try to structure the information in a logical way that will allow for quick and easy reference. Remember to highlight what's important and review best practices for ads. You can also print out your Adwords Fundamentals notes since Google exam application blocks out your entire screen area.

Watch Adwords Fundamentals training videos

You should definitely watch the training videos, because there are certain parts which are not covered in the syllabus. Pause the video from time to time and test the concepts you're learning.

Review sample test questions

Teachmegood provides the exam simulation environment as well as some factual and applied questions which cover all of the topics on the exam. You can practice questions and retake our quizzes as long as you need until you feel fully prepared and ready for the actual Google Adwords Exam.

Let’s summarize:

  1. Go through GCP Help and take some notes while studying.
  2. Watch the training videos.
  3. Make yourself familiar with Adwords interface (spend time on the areas you see least in the account) and run some campaigns.
  4. Do some sample tests that simulate the exam environment.
  5. Take your exam in a quiet, comfortable location.

We wish you best of luck in your exam!