As you might already know, Google Certification exam is split into two parts: first part covers basics of account management (Fundamentals exam with passing score 85%) and the other a more advanced specialized exam in one of three different areas:

  • Search Advertising Exam (passing score 80%, exam length - about 90 questions)
  • Display Advertising Exam (passing score 70%, exam length - about 90 questions)

To achieve certification, you must pass Fundamentals and at least one advanced exam. Google Advertising Professionals exam has to be renewed every two years. Fundamentals exam is valid for two years, however the advanced exams must be renewed annually. For each exam to complete you will be given 2 hours, so basically you will have a little over one minute to answer each question. Each exam costs 50$ and since you'll need to take both (Fundamentals and one advanced exam), the total cost will be 100$.

Once qualified, you will receive a certificate. Google offers both company and individual certification. A company (or Certified Partner) certification requires that you have a qualified individual linked to your My Client Center (MCC) account and that you have at least 10000$ in managed spend assigned to your Adwords MCC account over a period of 90 days.

If your goal is to become a PPC specialist, certification can be very useful credential and you can add new qualified status to your resume thus making yourself more credible and marketable Adwords specialist. You will also improve your knowledge of PPC in general.